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Our history

Palm handhelds revolutionised personal digital assistants in 1996.

Vaper Software was born out of the frustration of seeing inadequate and overly complicated medical programmes for such elegant hardware.

Vaper, a logbook programme for Anaesthetists, was first released in 2005 and was followed up by VaperOnPaper for Windows – a programme that took all the data collected on a Palm device for analysis and printout.

The old Palm/Windows programmes are still available free, however we cannot offer any support/future development.


Our premium offering…

Our flagship


Anaesthesia Practice Management Software

Our complete, integrated software suite – running on a Windows-based server either in the cloud or within your rooms – for managing busy anaesthetic practices.

Staff use the ‘office app’ within the office and all relevant information is instantly available to authorised remote anaesthetists with any browser.  

Elegant and simple solutions to run your entire practice: enter information once, yet have it instantly available for all authorised users.

Personalised calendar and schedule

Patient preops and investigations

Web-based billing

Easy quotes and IFC

End to end encryption

Honed products

Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients

Mobile Computing

Other development

Apple’s emergence into the mobile/handheld sphere allowed us to produce some great software which is consistently popular on the AppStore.

Our current smartphone offerings are based around Apple’s iOS – compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Vaper Logbook – the original logbook programme now ported to Apple’s iOS
  • Pocket MBS – an electronic Australian Medicare Benefits Schedule
  • Pocket RVG – an electronic Australian Relative Value Guide